Sunglasses Model 01/02/03
13 860
19 800
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Цвет оправы: черный

Цвет линзы: красный зеркальный

Покрытие линзы: устойчивое к царапинам с антибликовым покрытием

Delivery in St. Petersburg
At the moment, our store is closed (Order of the President of the Russian Federation), delivery in St. Petersburg is carried out by the courier service SDEK.

Delivery across Russia
It is carried out by the courier service SDEK or EMC Russian Post.
Delivery time 2-10 days (depends on your region).
Orders pre-paid on the site are sent.
Delivery cost depends on your region and order (dimensions).

International delivery
EMC mail of Russia is carried out
Pre-paid orders are sent on the site
Delivery cost about 2200 rub. (depends on your region and order, dimensions).